Gay total top

Maybe some of you call that "attraction". We call it selfish and narcissistic. Guys who suck cock - and make love with other men - are GAY. Guys who only want their cocks sucked - or to stick it into the nearest tight hole Keep up the important work! I guess you'd never 'believe' what my straight friend has to say about fisting but maybe that's another thread.

I can see what OP is saying. It's like his co-worker is using men as human flashlights. You would never say that someone who uses sex toys is "attracted" to them.

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The guy is probably fantasizing about women the whole time. The problem with your post OP is that you use this alleged person, through second-hand information no less to come to the conclusion tops aren't gay. You sort of back of of this in your later posts, but you're still confusing what people say with what people do and what their attractions really are. Gay men have been saying they're straight and bi for quite some time and most of us know that they lie, or have issues, or just don't want to publicly identify as gay. And most people that I know don't talk about what they really do in the bedroom to office-workers, and given that you and his straight office-worker are so interested in his sexuality, it's certainly plausible he has an image of himself that he wants to project, even if it's to the other women in the office he might want to bang.

A guy who will fuck anything may in fact be bisexual, not "bi" as you say. The bottom line, pardon the pun, is that you don't know what gives him an erection and who he's attracted to.

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He does. If he identifies as bi, who are you to question him?

If he identifies as straight, then he's straight and has nothing to do with gay men. Even you. I love how the Type A's here have this compulsion for 'verifying' anecdotal people or circumstances. On an anonymous message board. OP related a conversation he had with a co-worker about another co-worker. It led to a conclusion they had about a certain kind of gay man.

He concluded by making a sweeping generalization - that certainly was precocious and bratty. This is, after all, the Datalounge. Some of the discussion regarding the bratty generalization was interesting, some of it humorous. But the tedious "This Never Happened" trolls - and those wanting to verify "alleged" co-workers - have once again turned this, like practically every other DL thread, into a complete and total bore.

Most of us are happy to read about things that never happened. I miss Danny and his suitcase and wish he had lived on. It's the generalization from an example that makes the alleged aspects of this more ridiculous, and he's appropriately slammed on it. What people say and what they think are two very different things.


What people say is what they want other people to believe, especially when discussing activities or preferences that may attract disapproval. OP, gay men enjoy getting blown as much as straight men do, but how many "gay men" do you know who enjoy having women perform fellatio on them?

Ha - I'm a top, and for me good sex is when I get to suck him off and then fuck him senseless. Especially if he's well built and masculine yet loves getting fucked. OP can call me a fraud, I don't give a fuck. Because at 6'3" and a big dick to match, being a top gets me some amazingly hot guys who'd otherwise be out of my league. He's talking about the Bisexual "Top" who will not reciprocate in any way: R93 is the kind of top that all tops should be, in my opinion. I am the same way. What a boring sexual partner the total top is. It makes you wonder if he's even enjoying being with you.

He's basically showing no interest in you.

Top, bottom and versatile

I occasionally have sex with a total top who won't kiss, won't touch my dick, only wants me to suck his huge guido dick which I'm happy to do and try to fuck me which I would let him do if his dick weren't so big. I'm thinking I should just stop seeing him, but what good would it do? It's not like these guys can be taught a lesson. The problem is there are always the pathetic subs, total bottoms out there who for some reason love total tops.

I feel the same way about guys who claim to be foot fetishists but upon questioning they reveal that they only like to play the dominant role--rub their foot on someone's face, etc. They don't actually care about the feet of other guys. It feels fraudulent to me. Like, even the use of their own foot is incidental. It could be any body part, as long as they're dominating someone else with it.


Fucking assholes. I hear ya. I'm tall, blessed with big dick, but otherwise just average looking. But when a hot guy learns Ive never been fucked and have no desire to get fucked, they are all over me. I think it makes them sexual because, you know, we're sexual beings. It might be nice if we stopped trying to label everything we do and stopped trying to fit everyone into some mold.

Love and have sex with whoever you want - it's no one's fucking business. A woman is the best combo for them. In other hand, some guys are homoaffectives or gay , but can enjoy a woman's body. But they're not relationship material. Best to walk away after you fuck them, because it's not like they'll notice that you're gone. They're too manly, seriously, could you imagine any other guy willing to take something up his arse without shrieking like a little girl? When people say it, it's just part of the fantasy.

I've described myself as such quite a few times, and it's completely untrue I guess I'm versatile, but if I had to pick one or the other forever, I would go with bottoming. I have met many total tops, a huge percentage of them bisexual or thuggish dudes who occasionally "get down with dudes.

I'm a top and I definitely love fucking a guy and cumming inside him. The combo of masculine and bottom turns me on like crazy. Gay guys want all of their sexual relations to be with males, and plenty of them need to top males.

Guys are just not that complicated sexually sometimes. Getting a blow job from another dude in and of itself doesn't make you gay or even bi.